Man Claims Burger King Sandwich Was Covered In Ants

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.22.22 AMIt wasn’t a dead mouse or a dishrag, but a Pittsburgh Burger King customer claims to have found something just as disgusting on his burger: ants.

WPXI reports that the man purchased the burger for his girlfriend’s son at a local Burger King recently, and after handing the sandwich to the boy he discovered the unwanted tagalongs.

“He opened it up and said, ‘Mom I don’t want this, there are bugs in it.’ I said, ‘No, there’s no bugs in there.’ Then I saw the ants crawling on the bottom bun and I took it right back,” the man says.

The customers returned the sandwich to Burger King and the restaurant refunded their money and offered to make a new order. The man says he refused.

A manager for the local Burger King denies that the insects came from the store, noting that the franchise pays for monthly inspections, which have come back clean.

Still, the local health department is investigating the incident. An official for the department tells WPXI that the investigation could take five days and then they will decide if an inspection is warranted.

A rep for the Burger King’s corporate office says that food quality is a top priority for all of its fast food restaurants.

“We have spoken with the franchisee that owns and operates this restaurant, and he has assured us that they practice all local health department and brand food quality procedures and prescribe monthly preventative care with a reputable national provider,” the rep tells WPXI. “Most recent documentation shows a pest-free restaurant as of 12.29.15. The guest immediately had his money refunded and the franchisee is currently having the restaurant re-inspected.”

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