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British Bar Chain Bans Swearing & Patrons Are Totally Ticked Off

If you can’t tell your friend about that one time you were so sh*tcanned you f***d up your f*****g phone when you dropped it in dog sh*t while having a few drinks at the bar, is it really an authentic bar experience? Some pub patrons in England — where bar owners are trying to appeal to families — don’t think so. In fact, they’re pretty f*****g pissed off about new bans on swearing in bars. [More]

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Study: Alcohol Advertising Grew 400% In 40 Years — But Americans Aren’t Drinking More

Since 1971, advertisers have churned out more and more content dedicated to pushing alcohol in its various forms. But just because we might see a galloping horse promoting beer in slow motion or a fun gang carrying a cooler of malt beverages on a beach every time we turn on the TV, computer or sit staring at a subway ad, that doesn’t mean Americans are drinking more booze than we did 40 years ago, according to a new study. [More]


Police: Woman Swilled Other Customers’ Drinks, Hit TGI Fridays Manager In Head With A Glass

It’s bad enough to purloin drinks from your fellow restaurant patrons, but police in upstate New York say one TGI Fridays customer added insult to injury by not only walking around sipping from other customers’ beverages, but she then allegedly smashed a drinking glass against the manager’s head after being told she’d have to leave. [More]

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Birds Slur When They Sing After Too Much Booze, Just Like Us

Anyone who’s ever had a Drunk Uncle Hal knows that a natural result of imbibing a bit too much fire water is the propensity to slur, when talking, or when singing at the top of one’s lungs about all the joys of life. We are not alone in our slippery-tongued warbling, however, as one study says birds get a bit loose beaked after a stiff drink, too. [More]

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Study: Raising Cigarette Prices Means People Drink Less Beer & Booze

For those who drink and smoke, it’s no surprise that often, the more you smoke, the more you end up drinking, and vice versa. So it follows that when state taxes make cigarettes more expensive, you might be inclined to smoke less, and as such, you might end up drinking less beer and whiskey as a result. That’s the effect rising cigarette prices have on alcohol consumption (except for wine), say researchers in a new study that looks at consumption habits of smokers and drinkers. [More]

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Drunk Guy On His First Flight Makes Rookie Mistake, Confuses Cabin Door With Bathroom

Because we all don’t possess nerves of steel when confronted with the reality of flying through the air in a big metal box, essentially, it’s understandable that a guy going on his first flight effort would have a few drinks to relax. But maybe someone should’ve warned him about the propensity for doors to become confusing when you’re under in the influence. [More]


Cops: Driver Who Fled Scene Of Crash Was “Too Busy Drinking” To Take A Breath Test

There are many ways you can get in trouble for drinking and driving, and refusing the take a test to prove otherwise because you’re too busy guzzling booze, well, that might be one of the most direct routes to incarceration. [More]

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Researchers Offering Pregnancy Tests In Bar Bathrooms With Message On Dangers Of Drinking While Expecting

Gum, mints, lotion and pregnancy tests. All things you could likely find in bar and restaurant bathrooms in Alaska soon, as researchers will be offering the tests for free to women to see if they can raise public awareness about the dangers of drinking while expecting. [More]

Indiana Court To Decide What Constitutes A Criminally “Annoying” Drunk Person

Indiana Court To Decide What Constitutes A Criminally “Annoying” Drunk Person

We’ve all likely had the experience of being annoyed by someone drunk in public, perhaps that guy breathing on you on the bus or the screeching girl outside a club. And heck, odds are you’ve been that obnoxious boozebag at some point in your life too. But is it a crime to be “annoying” while drunk? And if so, what constitutes annoying? [More]


Punching The Flight Attendant For Refusing To Serve More Booze Will Get You Arrested

There’s a difference between the customer who is always right, and the customer who is (allegedly) too drunk and doesn’t need anymore alcohol, despite any demands by said customer. A Los Angeles man is facing a federal criminal charge after his adamant requests for more booze were denied, allegedly prompting him to punch a flight attendant on a recent Philippines Airlines flight. [More]


Study: Wine Drinkers Often Have Heavier Hands When Pouring For Themselves

There’s a condition often suffered by wine drinkers, one that I always attributed to the fact that my skeleton is made of Osmium, wherein your hand becomes so heavy that before you know it, there’s quite a large serving of wine in the glass. The only way to resolve that situation is of course, to drink it. But it turns out not everyone has dense hand bones, says a new study, wine drinkers just tend to be the over-serving sort when pouring for themselves. [More]


Bizarre Tradition Of Taking A Shot With A Human Toe In The Glass Ends With A Predictable Gulp

The next time someone tells you it’s a tradition to let a preserved human toe touch your lips while you take a shot, just take a moment to consider the highly probable outcome. One customer at a Canadian bar legendary for offering the Sourtoe Cocktail — which yes, involves a real human toe in a shot of whisky — ended with a new bit of anatomy in his stomach. [More]


Could Charging More For Boozy Beverages Curb The Amount Of Deaths Related To Drinking?

Where there’s alcohol consumption, there are ill health effects — from liver complications to death. But what if the price of alcohol and boozy beverages was raised just a little bit, say, 10%? A new study says in those countries with a minimum alcohol price, ticking it up just that much would result in a big drop in drinking-related deaths. [More]

Study: No Amount Of Boozing Is Safe For Pregnant Women

Study: No Amount Of Boozing Is Safe For Pregnant Women

The medical consensus holds that pregnant women need to stop drinking in order to avoid harming their babies, but some conventional wisdom and myths temper that advice with the understanding that an occasional drink is OK. The latter line of thinking — reflected half-mockingly in the latest episode of Justified — is false and potentially dangerous, according to a University of California San Diego study. [More]

Ways In Which Beer Can Be Good For You

Ways In Which Beer Can Be Good For You

While the drawbacks of booze swilling are well-known and extensively chronicled, there are also upsides to drinking beer. No one is calling beer a health drink, but suds apparently aren’t all bad for you. [More]

Turns Out Hair Of The Dog Might Not Lessen A Hangover's Bite

Turns Out Hair Of The Dog Might Not Lessen A Hangover's Bite

Put down that day-after-the-night-you-drank-too-much beer — it turns out hair of the dog probably won’t make your hangover any better, and in fact might just increase the pain. So says a doctor with other tips to avoid feeling miserable on New Year’s Day (and any other day, for that matter). [More]

How To Judge A Wine Based On Its Label

How To Judge A Wine Based On Its Label

Matthew Latkiewicz has gone through and categorized all the wines that he hates based on their label. It’s basically a written out version of what goes through my head as I walk around a wine store. There’s the graphic design student category, the ones with animals doing things (you know who we’re talking about), the fancy-schmancy French ones and more. But he’s not just being superficial, he backs it up with spot-on analysis: [More]

How To Get Your Fatty Christmas Drink On, Or Not

How To Get Your Fatty Christmas Drink On, Or Not

One of the basic tenets of surviving December is that there must be enough alcohol to make the holidays, and the experience of answering “So, you’re still single?” for the eleventy billionth time, remotely tolerable. Getting fat during the festive season? That’s as unavoidable as your drunk Uncle Jim’s annual tradition of passing out under the Christmas tree, so why not tip the scale and get tipsy at the same time and get it over with? [More]