Drunk Guy On His First Flight Makes Rookie Mistake, Confuses Cabin Door With Bathroom

Because we all don’t possess nerves of steel when confronted with the reality of flying through the air in a big metal box, essentially, it’s understandable that a guy going on his first flight effort would have a few drinks to relax. But maybe someone should’ve warned him about the propensity for doors to become confusing when you’re under in the influence.

Officials in Dublin say a man who drank vodka and beer to settle his nerves before his initial ascent into the sky tried to open the plane’s cabin door because he thought it was the toilet, reports The Mirror.

The 26-year-old reportedly admitted being drunk on the Ryanair flight from Krakow to Dublin — drinking vodka and beer beforehand and sipping out of his own beer on the plane — when he got up and managed to get the door’s handle up in his attempt.

It didn’t open, much to the relief of his fellow passengers who were looking on in shock, due to the air pressure keeping it shut.

Crew escorted the man back to his seat, and he was arrested upon landing in Dublin. He later told a court that he was boozing before the flight because was his first time flying and he was nervous. He admitted that he realized now how serious his actions were, and received a €200 fine.

Drunken passenger tried to open door on Ryanair flight because he thought it was toilet [The Mirror]

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