Punching The Flight Attendant For Refusing To Serve More Booze Will Get You Arrested

There’s a difference between the customer who is always right, and the customer who is (allegedly) too drunk and doesn’t need anymore alcohol, despite any demands by said customer. A Los Angeles man is facing a federal criminal charge after his adamant requests for more booze were denied, allegedly prompting him to punch a flight attendant on a recent Philippines Airlines flight.

Officials say the 53-year-old man was drunk on a flight from Manila to L.A. and became irate when he was refused more alcohol, reports KTLA.com.

At least five passengers joined with flight crew to restrain the man and place him in flex cuffs after several warnings over his behavior, says the U.S. Department of Justice. Officials allege that he swore at flight crew members during the tirade over booze, when he punched a flight attendant in both the face and upper torso.

In a video posted on YouTube showing the aftermath of the incident, the uploader writes that he and another man were “forced to tackle” the passenger.

“This man tried to rip off the food tray attached to seat and went into fitful rages before being apprehended,” the description reads.

Airport police and FBI agents met the plan at LAX and took him into custody. He’s now facing a charge of interference with flight crew.

Check the video below if watching someone being escorted from a plane is interesting to you.

Lakewood Man Got Drunk, Punched Flight Attendant on Flight to LAX: FBI [KTLA.com]

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