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Bizarre Tradition Of Taking A Shot With A Human Toe In The Glass Ends With A Predictable Gulp

The next time someone tells you it’s a tradition to let a preserved human toe touch your lips while you take a shot, just take a moment to consider the highly probable outcome. One customer at a Canadian bar legendary for offering the Sourtoe Cocktail — which yes, involves a real human toe in a shot of whisky — ended with a new bit of anatomy in his stomach. [More]

USDA: You Can Eat Pink Pork Without Getting Sick

USDA: You Can Eat Pink Pork Without Getting Sick

If you’ve been cooking pork chops until they’re dry and leathery in the name of safety, stop now! The U.S. Department of Agriculture has revised its pork-cooking guidelines, saying it’s OK to cook the other white meat to 145 degrees, and that the previous 160 degree recommendation was “probably overkill.” [More]