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Don’t Forget Free Cone Day At Dairy Queen Today

Don’t Forget Free Cone Day At Dairy Queen Today

Looking for a cold treat and a way to celebrate the first day of spring? Today is Dairy Queen’s annual Free Cone Day fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Anyone who asks will receive a free small vanilla cone, and can make an optional donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. [More]

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10 National Ice Cream Day Deals To Help Beat The Heat

National Ice Cream Day is officially July 17, or so the ice cream gods have proclaimed, but many businesses are either starting the festivities early or extending the sweet treat deals beyond Sunday. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get your brain freeze on. [More]

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Free Cones Today At Dairy Queen For Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser

Here’s how you get a free small vanilla cone today from Dairy Queen: stop by a restaurant and ask for one. That’s all you need to do. Officially, the event is a Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser, and you should make a donation if you’re able, but the cones are free either way. You get one per customer, for as long as the store is open today. [More]

This "Fast Crafted" Arby's food looks an awful lot like fast food. (photo: Morton Fox)

“Fast Crafted,” “Fine Casual” & Other Nonsense Terms Restaurants Use To Avoid Saying “Fast Food”

In the foodservice industry, fast food joints have long been referred to as “quick service restaurants” or QSRs, but that was never a term intended for use by the public, which was just fine using the equally accurate “fast food.” But for many in the QSR business, this phrase has the stink and sheen of rancid french fry oil. So they are increasingly turning to borderline nonsensical descriptors to avoid it. [More]


IHOP, Applebee’s Remove Sugary Drinks From Children’s Menu

Two national full-service restaurants are joining the slew of fast food establishments like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Dairy Queen in dumping sugary drinks from the kid’s menu: Applebee’s and IHOP are the latest eateries to embrace the soda-less trend.  [More]

Dairy Queen Wants To Expand Its Business In The Off-Season

Dairy Queen Wants To Expand Its Business In The Off-Season

Some foods have a season, and in much of this country, ice cream is one of those foods. That’s why Dairy Queen, a chain that people associate with ice cream, is serving up more traditional fast food to keep busy in the off-season. They’ve expanded the menu to include more toasted sandwiches and warm desserts, and are advertising them on TV, but will that be enough to get people in the door when even established fast-food places are struggling? [More]


Strip Mall Next To Dairy Queen Boots Non-Customer Cars, Angers Ice Cream Seekers

The owner of a strip mall next door to a Dairy Queen in Illinois is no longer messing around. When people who are visiting the Dairy Queen in Wilmette make the mistake of parking in the lot of a neighboring strip mall, they’re going to end up paying for a very expensive ice cream cone. The owner of the mall has cracked down on parking, and has started booting cars using the lot. [More]

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Dairy Queen To Remove Soda From Kids’ Menu By Sept. 1

Taking the lead from other fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King, Dairy Queen has reportedly decided to nix sugary drinks from the kids’ menu. [More]


Dairy Queen Free Cone Day Is March 16

I scream. You scream. You know what happens next — we all scream… for ice cream. And on Monday, all that screaming will be greeted with free cones at Dairy Queen as part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebration. [More]

Just one of the several available stores for building your child's Mini Mall.

Barbie Girl Scout, Cartoon Network App, Mini Mall Lead This Year’s List Of Worst Toys

Like it or not, holiday shopping season is upon us. That means it’s time for sales, decorations, crowds, stress, and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s annual list of the year’s worst toys. [More]

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Ice Cream Hack: Dairy Queen, Orange Julius Latest Companies Hit By A Data Breach

A trip to the local Dairy Queen usually ends in a tasty, cool treat, but customers are nearly 400 stores it ended with a decidedly less delicious surprise: A security breach. [More]

Dairy Queen Substitutes Cleaning Solution For Vanilla Syrup, Serves It To 7-Year-Old

Dairy Queen Substitutes Cleaning Solution For Vanilla Syrup, Serves It To 7-Year-Old

People who enjoy beverages were horrified two weeks ago when we shared the story of a woman in Utah who drank sweet tea laced with degreaser when a restaurant employee mistook a lye-based cleaner for sugar. Now something similar has happened in Colorado, where an employee mistook cleaning solution for vanilla syrup and served up a cleaning chemical shake to a 7-year-old boy. [More]

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After Denial, Dairy Queen Admits It Was Victim Of Hack

After initially denying reports of data breaches at a number of its stores, soft-serve royalty Dairy Queen has finally admitted data breaches at a currently undisclosed number of locations. [More]

It won't look like this, probably. (Paxton Holley)

Manhattan Finally Getting Its First-Ever Dairy Queen This Month

People who live in New York City are used to getting what they want, when they want it. Except when it comes to specific chains that have heretofore been absent in the Big Apple, like Dairy Queen. The wait for blizzards is almost over NYCers — the ice cream eatery will open its first Manhattan doors on May 27. [More]


Start Working On Your Blizzard Orders, Manhattan: You’re Getting Your First Dairy Queen

There’s a blizzard heading your way, Manhattan. Ha ha, not that kind with boring, tasteless snow! The kind you can order at Dairy Queen with your choice of candy or nutty additions. The New York City borough has never had a Dairy Queen before, but the time is nigh — doors should be open and blizzards will be a’churning this spring. [via Eater] [More]

Enough People Take Surveys For Us To Know That Five Guys Burgers Are Better Than McDonald's

Enough People Take Surveys For Us To Know That Five Guys Burgers Are Better Than McDonald's

Whether you personally are sick of taking surveys or not, we can thank the people who were asked about their burger preferences for filling us all in on which chains we like best. Relative newcomer Five Guys Burgers and Fries won the day in every region, coming in at No. 1 out of 16 restaurants. Not so shocking, as the chain has been pleasing customers and critics alike for awhile now. [More]

A Rancid Dairy Queen Hot Dog In A Moldy Bun Is As Disgusting As One Might Imagine

A Rancid Dairy Queen Hot Dog In A Moldy Bun Is As Disgusting As One Might Imagine

A mom in Canada isn’t too pleased with a Dairy Queen meal she bought for her daughter recently. See, she ordered a regular hot dog on a normal bun, and instead claims the fast food joint gave her kid a rancid, shriveled hot dog in a moldy bun. Quite a stomach-turning difference. As her daughter put it, “Mommy, this doesn’t smell good.” [More]