A Rancid Dairy Queen Hot Dog In A Moldy Bun Is As Disgusting As One Might Imagine

A mom in Canada isn’t too pleased with a Dairy Queen meal she bought for her daughter recently. See, she ordered a regular hot dog on a normal bun, and instead claims the fast food joint gave her kid a rancid, shriveled hot dog in a moldy bun. Quite a stomach-turning difference. As her daughter put it, “Mommy, this doesn’t smell good.”

The woman says her seven-year-old noticed the meal was iffy when the family of five were a few minutes away from the drive-thru at DQ, she told CBC News.

“She had it for a couple of seconds and then she said, ‘Mommy this doesn’t smell good, I can’t eat this,'” says the mom. “She passed it back up and that’s when I looked at it and the hot dog was rancid and the bun was covered in mold, on both sides of the bun.”

She made sure to snap photographic evidence before tossing the food, and got in touch with the manager of the independently owned location, as well as DQ corporate. The manager apologized and promised to send her some coupons, but they never arrived. It’s not about scoring a discount in the future, anyway, she adds.

“They are doing nothing and they stoppped communicating with me,” she said. “I need to know that some child is not going to get a moldy hot dog like this again.”

A DQ spokesperson says it’s too bad this whole thing happened, but that it was a single incident and that the company sent her $100 in gift certificates.

“I have proof you have served me an inadequate meal and your response is to do nothing and that makes me really unhappy,” she said.

If you feel like being put off hot dogs for perhaps the rest of your life, check out the photo of the meat in question in the source link below. Spoiler alert — it’s grody to the max.

*Thanks for the tip, Doug!

Mouldy hot dog no cool treat for Edmonton mom [CBC News]

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