Burger King Quietly Dropped Soda From Kids Meals

When Wendy’s decided it January to remove soft drinks from its kids meals, it meant that Burger King was the only one of the big three burger chains to still include soda with their youth-targeted menu. But in the last month, BK has quietly pulled the sugary beverages from its kids meals and menu boards.

The fast food chain confirmed the decision to USA Today, saying the change is “part of our ongoing effort to offer our guests options that match lifestyle needs.”

The listed menu options for kids meal beverages are now mil, apple juice, or chocolate milk, but a kid customer can still request a soda if they really want it.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, which has long pushed for the big burger chains to reform their kids menus, called BK’s decision a “responsible step forward.”

“Soda and other sugary drinks promote diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, and even heart disease—and have no place on menus meant for little kids,” CSPI Nutrition Policy Director Margo G. Wootan explains in a statement. “Restaurant chains that market soda as part of their children’s meals are making life harder for parents, most of whom want to reserve soda as a special, occasional treat if they allow it at all.”

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