Ice Cream Hack: Dairy Queen, Orange Julius Latest Companies Hit By A Data Breach

A trip to the local Dairy Queen usually ends in a tasty, cool treat, but customers are nearly 400 stores it ended with a decidedly less delicious surprise: A security breach.

CNN Money reports that 395 Dairy Queen locations and one Orange Julius location have become the latest victims of a security breach.

Officials with the ice cream store say in a news release that between August and October malware called Backoff accessed systems through a third-party vendor’s comprised account credentials.

While the company says the breach has been contained, customer names, payment card numbers and expiration dates were vulnerable through the hack.

The company says there is no evidence that personal information such as Social Security numbers, PINs or email addresses were compromised as a result of the malware.

A full list of stores affected by the hack has been posted online.

Dairy Queen is offering customers who used a credit or debit card at one of the hacked restaurants during the affected time period one year of free identity repair services.

Dairy Queen customers get hacked [CNN Money]

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