Manhattan Finally Getting Its First-Ever Dairy Queen This Month

It won't look like this, probably. (Paxton Holley)

It won’t look like this, probably. (Paxton Holley)

People who live in New York City are used to getting what they want, when they want it. Except when it comes to specific chains that have heretofore been absent in the Big Apple, like Dairy Queen. The wait for blizzards is almost over NYCers — the ice cream eatery will open its first Manhattan doors on May 27.

Until now (or until about two weeks from now) NYC residents only had a DQ in Staten Island or a few in New Jersey to choose from. The newest location will open at 54 W. 14th Street, near the bustling Union Square area.

Dairy Queen is aiming straight for the hearts of local residents as well with a “Big Apple Blizzard Treat” alongside the usual Blizzards and ice cream options, and heartier fare like sandwiches, burgers and even salads. Whether or not those salads come with crumbled cookie toppings or a generous sprinkling of candy, it’s unclear.

For those interested in what the place looks like under construction, before it emerges like a soft-serve butterfly from its plywood cocoon, Eater NY has some shots of the location.

Manhattan’s First Dairy Queen to Open on May 27 [Eater NY]

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