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4 Adults Arrested In Yet Another Kiddie Party Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

4 Adults Arrested In Yet Another Kiddie Party Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s slogan might be “Where a kid can be a kid,” but it might also be called “Where that kid’s parents will probably get into a brawl, ruining everyone’s nights, including the cops who have to come out and break up a youngster’s birthday party.” [More]

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Chuck E. Cheese’s Testing Restaurants With No Animatronics

Children today: They still love video games, pizza, and music, but they aren’t as into animatronic animal bands as generations past. That’s why some locations of pizza and entertainment chain Chuck E. Cheese’s will experiment with taking the robots out and replacing them with humans in animal costumes. Not everything will change, though: Drunken brawls among adult guests are sure to continue. [More]

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9 Things We Learned About The Video Game Origins Of Chuck E. Cheese’s

Did you know that the restaurant and entertainment chain Chuck E. Cheese’s was originally part of the video game company Atari? While today we know the chain for kids’ parties and occasional adult drunken brawls, the chain had its origins in the carnival summer jobs of Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. It helped to make video games mainstream, and fueled the animatronic nightmares of multiple generations of children. [More]

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Police Called To Same Chuck E. Cheese’s Twice In Two Months For Brawling Adults

Hey, remember back in December when adults sneaked booze into a Chuck E. Cheese’s and were arrested for attacking cops who came to deal with their illicit drinking? Another brawl broke out at the same restaurant yesterday, sending two guests to the hospital. [More]

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East Coast Chuck E. Cheese’s Locations Hosting “Sensory-Free” Sundays For Autistic Kids

Visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s can be a very heady experience for a kid — what with the singing animatronic animals, flashing lights, rambunctious kids, hot pizza (and occasional all-out brawls among the adults). For a child with autism it can be more than exciting — it can be overwhelming, which is why some Chuck E. Cheese’s locations will host a series of monthly “Sensory-Free” events. [More]

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5 Adults Arrested In Latest Boozy Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

There’s something about the kid-focused pizza party venue Chuck E. Cheese’s that brings out some adult guests’ extremely bratty inner children. A restaurant in Massachusetts is just the latest to host a brawl pitting adult guests against the cops. [More]


Chuck E. Cheese’s Switches From Tokens To Stored-Value Cards, Annoys Token-Lovers

There are people out there who collect just about everything, and one growing market is arcade tokens. If you have any Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens lurking in a drawer or jewelry box, they’re about to become slightly more valuable: the chain is about to switch from custom-made tokens to stored-value cards, making it easier to track individual players and restore lost balances. [More]

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Parents Displeased With Adult Novelty Store’s Plans To Open Next To Chuck E. Cheese’s

There’s a new kid on the block at an Indianapolis-area shopping center, and some local residents aren’t too pumped about its arrival: folks who frequent a Chuck E. Cheese’s in that cluster of stores are upset that an adult novelty store is opening next door. [More]

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Adult Brawl Breaks Out At Child’s First Birthday Party At Chuck E. Cheese’s

What is it about kids’ birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s that causes the maturity level of the grown-ups in the room to plummet? Yesterday, customers called police to report a 50-person brawl inside one of the chain’s locations in Pittsburgh, which began with an argument over a 1-year-old’s birthday party. In the end, two people were arrested, and a bad example set for dozens of children on the scene. [More]

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Police: Hey, Knuckleheads — The Bathroom Of Chuck E. Cheese’s Is No Place To Be Smoking Heroin

Not that there’s anywhere you should be doing illegal drugs, but public places are exceptionally awful venues for such activities And ratcheting up the inappropriate level to 11? Smoking heroin in the bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese, as police say two “knuckleheads” decided to do in California. [More]

Chuck E. Cheese’s Tests Oculus Rift Virtual Ticket-Grabbing Experience

Chuck E. Cheese’s Tests Oculus Rift Virtual Ticket-Grabbing Experience

I’m afraid of costumed mascots and have suppressed most of my childhood memories of visits to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but apparently the restaurant/gaming zone/adult fighting ring has a booth where kids stand and grab tickets as they fly by. Sounds fun, but what if you could eliminate the booth and the flying pieces of paper, simplifying the game? What if the Ticket Blaster went virtual? [More]

Man Takes Kids To Chuck E. Cheese’s For Wholesome Purse-Snatching Fun

Man Takes Kids To Chuck E. Cheese’s For Wholesome Purse-Snatching Fun

For decades, Chuck E. Cheese’s has been a place where parents could bring their kids for wholesome activities like chowing down on overpriced pizza, running around uncontrollably, and playing around in pits of plastic balls that you convince yourself aren’t covered in germs. But one man in Washington state recently added another game to the mix, called “Go steal some purses and give them to me.” [More]

Norovirus, Not Brawl, Breaks Out At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Norovirus, Not Brawl, Breaks Out At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Something terrible broke out at a Minnesota Chuck E. Cheese’s last week, and for once it wasn’t an adult brawl requiring police intervention. No, this time it was something even more frightening: norovirus. Authorities believe that the illness didn’t spread through food, but across other surfaces. [More]

Adults Set Bad Example, Punch Cop In The Face During Chuck E. Cheese Brawl

Adults Set Bad Example, Punch Cop In The Face During Chuck E. Cheese Brawl

Another weekend has passed, and so has another round of kids’ birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese establishments across the country. Guests enjoyed the pizza, the games, and the animatronic animals. Visitors in New Hartford, New York probably didn’t enjoy another fixture of the chain: brawls between adults that require police intervention. [More]

Chuck E. Cheese Brawl Involved Food, Furniture, Pepper Spray

Chuck E. Cheese Brawl Involved Food, Furniture, Pepper Spray

It seemed like any other night at a Florida Chuck E. Cheese: Pizza, games, fun, games, robo-animals. Then a brawl broke out between two partying families over–what else?–prize tickets. According to one woman on the scene, the fight escalated to include as many as thirty adults and a can of pepper spray. [More]


A Gentle Reminder That Adults Should Not Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Listen, adults: You need to behave yourselves, especially in a place filled with children like Chuck E. Cheese’s. And yet, another fight has been reported at the mouse’s house after 30 people were involved in a brawl at a Chicago location. Two people were arrested and a few suffered minor injuries — all over prize tickets. Sigh. [CBS Chicago] [More]

We always thought Mr. Cheese was a little too perky all the time.

Mom Claims 4-Year-Old Found Drugs At Chuck E. Cheese’s, Manager Wouldn’t Call Cops

A mother in Illinois says her young daughter found an unexpected gift baggie while attending a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Making matters worse, the mom claims that the restaurant’s management refused to notify the police for fear of being shut down. [More]

Parents Don't Realize Daughter Is Still At Chuck E. Cheese's Until She's On The News

Parents Don't Realize Daughter Is Still At Chuck E. Cheese's Until She's On The News

Kids are wily little things, and if they find an extra token at Chuck E. Cheese’s, you better believe they’ll resort to sneaking back inside the restaurant to use it. One 3-year-old gave her whole family the slip recently with just that motivation, and her absence was unnoticed until her parents watched the news that night. “This just in, parents, your daughter is at Chuck E. Cheese and you are not.” [More]