Adult Brawl Breaks Out At Child’s First Birthday Party At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Image courtesy of Bob Reck

What is it about kids’ birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s that causes the maturity level of the grown-ups in the room to plummet? Yesterday, customers called police to report a 50-person brawl inside one of the chain’s locations in Pittsburgh, which began with an argument over a 1-year-old’s birthday party. In the end, two people were arrested, and a bad example set for dozens of children on the scene.

Other customers told police that there were really only about 10 people involved in the fight, which started at a birthday party for a 1-year-old, but–let us emphasize again–only involved adults. In the end, two people were arrested for their involvement in the incident: one woman for starting the fight in the first place, and one man for public intoxication.

Franchisee-owned Chuck E. Cheese’s locations have the option of offering wine and beer if they want to; this might make performing robotic animals easier to deal with, but doesn’t help guests who might already be prone to misbehavior. Add party-planning pressure and real or perceived slights to the mix, and brawls happen.

It hasn’t even been a month since the last adult brawl elsewhere in the country: just two weeks ago, a location in Connecticut hired a security guard after a well-publicized fight broke out and was (naturally) captured on video.

Brawl Breaks Out At Chuck E. Cheese During 1-Year-Old’s Birthday Party [KDKA]

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