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Change This New Setting If You Want To Keep Facebook Video From Being Really Annoying

Facebook just announced several tweaks to the way video will start performing on its service soon. However, in the name of enhancing “customer experience,” Facebook is adding one change that is likely to drive a significant number of users slightly crazy: Not only auto-playing videos, but making sure to do it with sound blaring. [More]

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East Coast Chuck E. Cheese’s Locations Hosting “Sensory-Free” Sundays For Autistic Kids

Visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s can be a very heady experience for a kid — what with the singing animatronic animals, flashing lights, rambunctious kids, hot pizza (and occasional all-out brawls among the adults). For a child with autism it can be more than exciting — it can be overwhelming, which is why some Chuck E. Cheese’s locations will host a series of monthly “Sensory-Free” events. [More]

The opposite of this could be coming to a Facebook page near you soon. (afagen)

Facebook Close To Unveiling The Long-Awaited “Dislike” Button

Nearly a year after Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg said the company was kinda, sorta looking into creating a “dislike” button for all those posts you, well, don’t like, he says the social network is on the cusp of unveiling a companion for the often overused thumbs-up sign. [More]

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Facebook Is Considering Adding A “Dislike” Button

You know you’ve had that thought — “I OPPOSITE OF “LIKE” THIS, FACEBOOK!” — whether it was on the eleventy trillionth gushing baby photo post or whatever ridiculous political thing that person from high school is posting this time. And while Facebook has long stood firm against a “dislike” button, it seems the negative Nellies out there have some sway with The Zuck, nevertheless. [More]