4 Adults Arrested In Yet Another Kiddie Party Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s slogan might be “Where a kid can be a kid,” but it might also be called “Where that kid’s parents will probably get into a brawl, ruining everyone’s nights, including the cops who have to come out and break up a youngster’s birthday party.”

Once again, a Chuck E. Cheese eatery has been the site of a fight that got so out of hand the police had to be called.

According to WTVD-TV, this latest brawl occurred over the weekend at a Chuck’s in Fayetteville, NC. Witnesses says that the dispute began when one adult guest cursed at a child that wasn’t his. Around nine or ten people were involved in the fight, which arrest reports noted involved “hands, feet, and teeth,” and one person was injured.

“I think it’s a shame you can’t take kids anywhere without adults acting like that,” a guest who was attending her nephew’s birthday party at the time of the fight told WTVD. “It was bad; there were kids screaming. I was worried about my kids getting trampled by the fight.”

Four restaurant guests were arrested, three of whom have the same surname and could belong to the same family. Police are still looking for other people who were involved in the fight.

The restaurant does have an off-duty police officer who serves as a part-time security guard, but he wasn’t working when the altercation happened.

A local officer used the incident to remind the public to alert authorities when they witness verbal altercations that might turn serious. “Call 911 so we can get officers there before it turns physical,” he told WTVD.

While these fights are often linked to adults drinking adult beverages at the restaurant, the Fayetteville location doesn’t serve beer or wine.

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