Parents Displeased With Adult Novelty Store’s Plans To Open Next To Chuck E. Cheese’s

Image courtesy of Bob Reck

There’s a new kid on the block at an Indianapolis-area shopping center, and some local residents aren’t too pumped about its arrival: folks who frequent a Chuck E. Cheese’s in that cluster of stores are upset that an adult novelty store is opening next door.

Hustler Hollywood has applied for permits to open its new location, plans that worry some parents and community representatives, reports WTHR.

“I can already tell you right now, if that goes in, we won’t be back here. That’s for sure,” one mother on her way to Chuck E. Cheese’s told the news station on Thursday. She adds that it would be especially upsetting because there aren’t many other places in the area to take kids.

Community leaders are chiming in as well, who are working to stop the novelly shop from opening its doors.

“There’s been a lot of positive things happening and that’s why it’s so disappointing to see a setback like this,” Jonathan Eriksen, Director of the Greater Allisonville Community Council, told WTHR. “They’re going to be able to meet the code requirements to get this done. The biggest issue is it’s incongruent with this area, it doesn’t make sense,” he adds.

See, the shop can get around being classified as an “adult bookstore” by claiming it will sell less than 25% adult material. The rest of it will just be, you know, “back” massagers.

“We don’t know what kind of case we as a community of concerned citizens can possibly have when they’re not violating a zoning ordinance,” Eriksen told ABC 13.

Another local community leader says she’ll call for protestors to picket the store, and has also offered help to Hustler to find somewhere else to set up shop.

The manger of the Chuck E. Cheese’s in question didn’t provide comment to WTHR, and both Hustler Hollywood and the company that owns the property have remained mum so far as well.

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