Parents Don't Realize Daughter Is Still At Chuck E. Cheese's Until She's On The News

Kids are wily little things, and if they find an extra token at Chuck E. Cheese’s, you better believe they’ll resort to sneaking back inside the restaurant to use it. One 3-year-old gave her whole family the slip recently with just that motivation, and her absence was unnoticed until her parents watched the news that night. “This just in, parents, your daughter is at Chuck E. Cheese and you are not.”

The girl had arrived with a large group of four adults and 10 kids (and no one got in a fight!), reports The Baltimore Sun, which made her disappearing act a little bit easier. Employees of the pizzeria near Baltimore say they found her around 8 p.m. when she approached a worker and said she was thirsty.

Meanwhile, her parents, who share custody of her, didn’t realize she was missing until the 11 p.m. news came, reporting that she had been hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese’s for a few hours before employees took her to the police station. They both figured she was with the other parent.

The little girl was reunited with her mother, and will now have that great “my parent/guarding once left me [fill in the blank] and didn’t realize it” story. Mine? My aunt accidentally left me in Chicago’s Union Station when I bent down to tie my shoe. Love ya, Aunt Judi!

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