Your Summer Lobster Roll Might Be Cheaper This Year

Image courtesy of AdamHGrimes

If your summer plans include eating a bunch of lobster rolls or other meals involving the crustacean, we’ve got good news: Your sustenance won’t break the bank. 

The Associated Press reports that lobster-lovers will be paying less for their seafood dishes this year, despite a lower supply of the shellfish.

Currently, analysts say wholesale hard-shell lobsters are selling for about $0.37 less per pound than they did at the same time last year. At retailers in Maine the cost translates to about $8 to $13 per pound depending on the size and type of lobster.

While prices remain a bit lower than normal for lobsters, its unclear if they will drop any lower once the lobster fishing season comes into full swing.

So far this year, the AP reports that the lobster industry has been slow to bring in the goods compared to other years.

One reason for this, the AP points out, is the high cost of bait. Because of this, fishermen are waiting to hit the water.

“It’s starting to trickle in. It has just been a slow start to the season.” Bill Bruns, operations manager for The Lobster Co. in Arundle, ME, tells the AP. “We’re starting to see some signs of life.”

Unlike past years — we’re looking at you, 2015 — the slow start to the lobster season isn’t expected to lead to an increase in prices.

Other industry insiders note that a slow start to the season isn’t always bad, as it can lead to a more stable market as the year progresses.

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