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Price Chopper Supplier Takes The Blame For Spate Of Undersized Lobsters In NY

After New York regulators cracked down on Price Chopper for selling under-sized lobsters, a wholesaler that supplies the grocery chain is taking the blame for the shrimpy crustaceans. [More]


NY Regulators Cracking Down On Sale Of Undersized Lobsters At Price Chopper Stores

It’s summer, and many people are no doubt jonesing for that seasonal favorite, the lobster roll. But in order to make sure there are enough lobsters to go around without depleting the crustacean population, there are laws regarding how big they have to be to be sold. And according to New York regulators, Price Chopper has had more than a few undersized lobsters for sale in the last few months. [More]

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Thieves Scuttle Off With $2,000 Worth Of Lobster From Safeway

Criminals continue to carry off the world’s tastiest, most comforting foods from grocery stores and distribution centers. The theft of eight boxes of frozen lobsters from a Safeway in Maryland is one of the smallest larcenies in the Global Comfort Food Crime Wave, but still adds up to thousands of dollars’ worth of seafood. [More]


Here’s Why You’re Probably Paying Way Too Much For A Lobster Roll

Food prices frequently fall and rise, especially for those foods that come from the ocean. But why, when the price of Maine lobster is currently below that of some chicken and beef, are consumers paying top-dollar for lobster roll sandwiches? [More]


Comfort Food Crime Wave Continues: Man Steals Truckload Of Soup

First, the comfort food crime cartels came for the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, stealing more than 10,000 barrels and selling it on the amber market. Next was the Nutella theft: someone lifted more than $20,000 worth of choco-hazelnut spread from a truck in Germany. This week, we learned about a crime against one of the most comforting comfort foods, soup. Over the weekend, two men in Florida drove off with a tractor-trailer that contained $75,000 worth. [More]


Maine Lobstermen: Ad Boost Is Pointless Because We All Know Where Lobsters Come From

The first thing that happens when lobster is brought up is often an excess of drool. It’s highly touted as a tasty delicacy, a delicious dish, and one that most of the time, comes from Maine. Which is why lobstermen in that state say efforts to ramp up marketing the crustaceans is a pointless, expensive exercise. [More]

Maine’s Fishermen Facing A Lobsterpalooza Dilemma Of Epic Proportions

Maine’s Fishermen Facing A Lobsterpalooza Dilemma Of Epic Proportions

Want a lobster? Go get it! In fact, why not buy like, seven of them? Do it, really — Maine’s fisherfolk will thank you. Warm weather and good conservation techniques have primed Maine’s waters for a glut of lobster unlike anything the fishing population has seen. It could turn out to be a record lobster harvest — but with this kind of glut, where are all those lobsters going to go? [More]

Will Proposed 5-Year Lobster-Harvesting Ban Cause Prices To Rise?

Will Proposed 5-Year Lobster-Harvesting Ban Cause Prices To Rise?

You wouldn’t notice from the relatively affordable cost of Lobster in the region these days, but in many areas of the Mid-Atlantic the populations of the tasty crustaceans have sunk to alarmingly low levels. So much so that later this week, members of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission are meeting to discuss a proposed five-year ban on lobster harvesting in the waters between Virginia and Cape Cod. But the most important question is — what impact is this going to have on restaurants and lobster lovers? [More]