Lobster Prices Rising Just In Time For That Summer Feast You Were Planning

The summer fishing season is off to a slow start, which means American lobster prices are ticking up just in time for your vacation to the coast.

Prices are up on average by about $1 to $2 over last year, Maine lobstermen and dealers tell the Associated Press, with lobster selling in the $6 to $8 per pound range to consumers.

It’s a classic case of supply and demand, of course — the fewer lobsters ending up in nets, the more people will have to pay to get their hands on one. Which of course means you could be paying even more for that over-priced lobster roll than you usually do.

There’s some relief in sight, as lobstermen say the season picks up after most lobsters shed their shells and reach the legal harvesting size, something that hasn’t happened yet.

Timing should be right for a mid-July shed followed by a boom in catch, said Tim Harkins, president of the Maine Lobster Dealers Association.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to expects to see new shell lobsters after (July) 4th,” he said, adding that prices will likely come down when that happens.

The lesson here? If you’re going to gorge on a lobster feast with all your friends and family, you might want to wait until later this summer.

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