Your Summer Lobster Roll Might Be Cheaper This Year

If your summer plans include eating a bunch of lobster rolls or other meals involving the crustacean, we’ve got good news: Your sustenance won’t break the bank.  [More]

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Report: Bass Pro Partnering With Goldman Sachs To Acquire Rival Cabela’s

The same day that the dire fates of Sport Chalet and Sports Authority give us reason to ponder the state of the sporting goods industry, we have news of more possible changes in this niche retail market: Outdoor goods giant Bass Pro is reportedly looking to buy rival Cabela’s.  [More]

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Lobster Prices Rising Just In Time For That Summer Feast You Were Planning

The summer fishing season is off to a slow start, which means American lobster prices are ticking up just in time for your vacation to the coast. [More]

5 People Serving Time In Michigan Jails For Failing To Pay

5 People Serving Time In Michigan Jails For Failing To Pay Fines

A 19-year-old Michigan man thought he’d do some unlicensed fishing but when he cast his line he ended up reeling in a jail sentence. Because he caught a fish out of season and couldn’t afford the $215 fine, he was sentenced to three days in jail. The American Civil Liberties Union is using the fisherman’s case, along with four others, to attack a state law it considers to be the modern-day equivalent of a debtors’ prison. [More]

Will Proposed 5-Year Lobster-Harvesting Ban Cause Prices To Rise?

Will Proposed 5-Year Lobster-Harvesting Ban Cause Prices To Rise?

You wouldn’t notice from the relatively affordable cost of Lobster in the region these days, but in many areas of the Mid-Atlantic the populations of the tasty crustaceans have sunk to alarmingly low levels. So much so that later this week, members of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission are meeting to discuss a proposed five-year ban on lobster harvesting in the waters between Virginia and Cape Cod. But the most important question is — what impact is this going to have on restaurants and lobster lovers? [More]

Quantum Fishing Catches A Lifetime Customer

Quantum Fishing Catches A Lifetime Customer

I have a Quantum Kevin VanDam Signature Series fishing reel I purchased a few months ago from Bass Pro Shops. It was a mid-range model that I paid around $80 for. Last night, I was fishing at a local pond and managed to snap the bail arm (connects the bail to the reel itself and holds the yo-yo shaped part that guides the line back onto the reel) clean in half while making a cast. I was horrified, especially with a fishing tournament a week from Saturday. I went to the Quantum Fishing website and saw that their policy is for warranty repairs, if it’s not back in the mail on the way to the customer within 48 hours, you get a free hat. Pretty cool, but no way would a warranty cover me putting too much pressure on the bail (this isn’t the first reel that snapped at that point for me–I’m working on not putting so much pressure on it when I cast).