American Airlines’ “First-Class” Lobster Roll Doesn’t Even Get The “Roll” Part Right

‘Tis the season for lobster rolls, those often-pricey sandwiches stuffed with tasty lobster meat straight from the sea. Or, in the case of American Airlines, two pieces of bread with an orangey-white substance holding them together.


Your Summer Lobster Roll Might Be Cheaper This Year

If your summer plans include eating a bunch of lobster rolls or other meals involving the crustacean, we’ve got good news: Your sustenance won’t break the bank.  [More]


Owner & Seller Of 20 Lb. Lobster Not Thrilled That TSA Made A Celebrity Of Oversized Crustacean

Deserved or not, the Transportation Security Administration doesn’t usually get much affection on social media, so it must have been a nice change of pace for the TSA recently when it had a minor Instagram hit with a photo of a massive, 20 lb. lobster found in a cooler at a Boston airport. Alas, the TSA has not escaped criticism, as the man who owned this oversized crustacean — and the market where he purchased it — both say the airport security folks mishandled his future meal for the sake of a photo op. [More]


Price Chopper Supplier Takes The Blame For Spate Of Undersized Lobsters In NY

After New York regulators cracked down on Price Chopper for selling under-sized lobsters, a wholesaler that supplies the grocery chain is taking the blame for the shrimpy crustaceans. [More]


NY Regulators Cracking Down On Sale Of Undersized Lobsters At Price Chopper Stores

It’s summer, and many people are no doubt jonesing for that seasonal favorite, the lobster roll. But in order to make sure there are enough lobsters to go around without depleting the crustacean population, there are laws regarding how big they have to be to be sold. And according to New York regulators, Price Chopper has had more than a few undersized lobsters for sale in the last few months. [More]


Lobster Rolls Returning For The Summer To Some East Coast McDonald’s Locations

It seems McDonald’s move to bring lobster rolls back to the menu last year was successful, as the chain says it’ll again offer the seafood menu item at select New England locations this summer. [More]


Maine Brewery Offering Beer Made With Live Lobsters

Because there’s always got to be something out there to push the boundaries of what’s “normal,” folks who are into drinking things they’d usually eat should get a kick out of one Maine brewer’s newest concoction: Beer brewed using live lobsters and a dash of sea salt. [More]

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Lobster Prices Rising Just In Time For That Summer Feast You Were Planning

The summer fishing season is off to a slow start, which means American lobster prices are ticking up just in time for your vacation to the coast. [More]

Truck Carrying 30,000 Pounds Of Lobsters Overturns, All Survive To Become Dinner

Truck Carrying 30,000 Pounds Of Lobsters Overturns, All Survive To Become Dinner

When a tractor-trailer tips over and spills its edible cargo on the highway, it’s simultaneously sad and hilarious as long as no one is seriously injured. In that case, it would be just sad. Heavy snow in Maine yesterday caused a tractor-trailer accident involving one truck and thousands of lobsters. [More]


Cruise Ship Diners Suspected Of Tossing Live Lobsters Overboard In Effort To Save Them

So a Canadian lobster walks into an English bar– er, bay, and he kind of scuttles. Anyway, despite whatever punchline you might’ve been expecting, there’s a story out there that Canadian lobsters are showing up in English waters, and not because they were in the mood for a 3,000-mile swim. No, the recent influx of foreign crustaceans is said to be the fault of guilty diners crossing the Atlantic on cruise ships — if the stories are to believed. [More]

Man Stuffing Steak And Lobster Down Pants At Safeway Is Hilarious Again: Amber Alert Is Off

Man Stuffing Steak And Lobster Down Pants At Safeway Is Hilarious Again: Amber Alert Is Off

Good news if you like to laugh at people stuffing frozen meat and seafood down their pants! It turns out that the suspect in Tuesday’s steak-and-lobster-down-pants incident may not have carjacked and kidnapped an older man and a teenage girl. That’s what witnesses thought they saw, prompting an Amber Alert on the vehicle, but no one has reported anyone matching that description missing. [More]

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Thieves Scuttle Off With $2,000 Worth Of Lobster From Safeway

Criminals continue to carry off the world’s tastiest, most comforting foods from grocery stores and distribution centers. The theft of eight boxes of frozen lobsters from a Safeway in Maryland is one of the smallest larcenies in the Global Comfort Food Crime Wave, but still adds up to thousands of dollars’ worth of seafood. [More]


Maine Lobstermen: Ad Boost Is Pointless Because We All Know Where Lobsters Come From

The first thing that happens when lobster is brought up is often an excess of drool. It’s highly touted as a tasty delicacy, a delicious dish, and one that most of the time, comes from Maine. Which is why lobstermen in that state say efforts to ramp up marketing the crustaceans is a pointless, expensive exercise. [More]

Man Arrested At Winn-Dixie With Lobster, Shrimp, And Pork Down His Pants

Man Arrested At Winn-Dixie With Lobster, Shrimp, And Pork Down His Pants

If you’re going to shoplift two lobster tails, two bags of shrimp, and a pork loin from a grocery store, what’s the least obvious way to do so? Shove them in your shorts, of course. A MIssissippi man is accused of shoplifting after allegedly doing just that. [More]

Incredibly Rare Yellow Lobster Shows Up At Wegmans

Incredibly Rare Yellow Lobster Shows Up At Wegmans

The staff at the Wegmans grocery store in Pittsford, NY, hit the lottery earlier this week — well, the seafood lottery at least — when they discovered an incredibly rare yellow lobster among the other clawed crustaceans in its Monday delivery. [More]

Will Proposed 5-Year Lobster-Harvesting Ban Cause Prices To Rise?

Will Proposed 5-Year Lobster-Harvesting Ban Cause Prices To Rise?

You wouldn’t notice from the relatively affordable cost of Lobster in the region these days, but in many areas of the Mid-Atlantic the populations of the tasty crustaceans have sunk to alarmingly low levels. So much so that later this week, members of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission are meeting to discuss a proposed five-year ban on lobster harvesting in the waters between Virginia and Cape Cod. But the most important question is — what impact is this going to have on restaurants and lobster lovers? [More]

"Langostino Lobster" More Closely Related To Hermit Crab Than To Lobster

"Langostino Lobster" More Closely Related To Hermit Crab Than To Lobster

If you see the word “langostino” in front of “lobster” at your local seafood fast food chain (*cough* Long John Silvers), make sure you understand what it is you’re about to eat. In the US, langostino can refer to squat lobster, pelagic crab or Colorado langostino—all types of shellfish, and more closely related to crabs and, yes, hermit crabs than to lobsters. “Sweet Buttery Hermit Handfuls” wouldn’t be any more accurate than “Buttered Langostino Lobster Bites,” but it wouldn’t be any less accurate, either. And no, LJS, it doesn’t count if you put the shellfish pieces in a cardboard lobster tail.


Please do not eat the lobster, then glue the shell back together and return it for a refund. [Times Union Albany] [Thanks to Laurie & Brian!]