we even packed a pic-a-nic basket

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Bear Stuck Inside Subaru Rescued By Sheriff’s Deputies In Colorado

It’s still unclear how a medium-sized bear got inside a Colorado woman’s Subaru and locked the door, but it’s nice to know that said animal was rescued from his vehicular prison by helpful sheriff’s deputies who had the good sense to get the whole thing on camera. [More]


Yellowstone Visitors Ask The Park To Please Train Bears To Hang Out Where Humans Can See Them

Who needs Yelp for government parks and services when you can just leave a comment card? While it’s quite normal to be disappointed at not seeing any animals on a visit to Yellowstone National Park, the thing is, there’s no guarantee of seeing wild animals, being that they’re, well, wild, and they do as they please. But that didn’t stop park guests from politely asking rangers to point some bears in the right direction. [More]