Kellogg’s Offering Pop-Tart “Pizza” & “Tacos” This Week At NYC Cafe

It’s the stunt restaurant that can’t stop stuntin’: Kellogg’s all-day cereal cafe in New York City is offering a menu filled with Pop-Tart stunt foods, including “pizza,” “tacos,” and “fries” — all made with the breakfast pastry.

That ache you feel may be your sweet tooth smarting from the sight of the veritable sugar smorgasbord that is Kellogg’s cafe menu this week:

• “Birthday Fiesta Nachos” made with Frosted Confetti Cupcake “chips,” and “sweet spins on spicy toppings”;

• Pop-Tarts “burritos” that are really pastries rolled in crepes with different toppings;

• Personal “pizzas” made with a brown sugar Pop-Tarts crust, strawberry sauce and fruit “pepperoni”;

• “Tacos” filled with a faux ground beef made from — you guessed it! — crumbled Pop-Tarts, coconut “lettuce,” and delivered in cinnamon dusted tortillas;

• And last but not least, “chili fries” that are topped with that same sweet “ground beef” and frosting “cheese.”

The cafe — open in Times Square through Feb. 26 — will also serve shakes, cheesecakes, and cake poppers featuring Pop-Tarts flavors, as well as Pop-Tarts “flights”: selections of pastries that are fruity, chocolatey, or “sweetly satisfying.”

Those cavity-creating confections won’t be cheap, either, with prices ranging from $8 to $12.

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