Kellogg’s Opening An All-Day Premium Cereal Cafe In Times Square

Image courtesy of Kellogg's

Do you like the idea of restaurants that serve nothing but cereal all day, but want to combine that with the prestige of the company that invented corn flakes? Cereal brand Kellogg’s hopes that lots of people do. They’re opening a cereal cafe in New York’s Times Square that seats 20 people and serves them dressed-up bowls of the company’s cereals, like Frosted Flakes with pistachios, lemon zest, and fresh thyme.

No, this isn’t the first cereal cafe in New York City, but it is the first operated by a cereal brand that serves gourmet The recipes come from the pastry chef behind the well-regarded bakery Milk Bar, and actually sound pretty good: you can’t go wrong with ingredients like soft-serve ice cream, gourmet jams, fresh herbs, green tea powder, and of course little bottles of cold, local milk.

“We could have put a great recipe on the box,” a Kellogg marketing executive told the Wall Street Journal. “But this is so much more powerful.” Also, you probably don’t keep fresh thyme or lemons at home.

“We hope to elevate the experience from just cereal with milk,” the chef who helped Kellogg with the restaurant concept told the New York Daily News, comparing the experience to drinking at a nice bar compared to cracking open a beer at home.

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