Here We Go Again: Even More Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Foods

Image courtesy of Joel Zimmer

It’s August, and we all know what that means: it’s time for the hot new pumpkin spice products for this fall to hit the aisles and confuse everyone. This year’s hot newcomers are pumpkin spice offerings from cereal companies, with the apparent goal of pumpkin spicing up America’s breakfast tables.

pumpkin_spice_cheeriosSales of cereal are falling in general, due to changes in our breakfast habits and sugar and carbohydrates falling out of favor. That means cereal-makers are happy to seize any gimmick they can to move some boxes.

We’ve already shared the news that General Mills had pumpkin spice Cheerios planned, and those are finally hitting stores this month. Farther down the cereal aisle, pumpkin spice fans will be able to find pumpkin spice specialties from Kellogg’s, including returning cereal pumpkin spice Frosted Mini-Wheats, and a newcomer in pumpkin spice Special K.


Some cereal-adjacent breakfast items will be pumpkin pie flavored Pop-Tarts, which are returning from last year, and newcomer pumpkin spice Nutri-Grain bars. (If they’re as good as the Trader Joe’s version from last year, those might be worth buying.)

Also ready for your breakfast table will be pumpkin spice flavored English muffins and bagels from Thomas, which will probably be really great with pumpkin spice hummus spread on them.

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