Kohl’s Will Start Selling Apple Watches, Market Them As Fitness Products

Image courtesy of raneko

Just over a year ago, Apple expanded sales of its Watch to Best Buy and to Target, seeking new markets for its wrist computer. Now the company is expanding availability to department stores, so far reaching Macy’s and Kohl’s this fall.

You can find the Watch in the Black Friday circular for the discount department store, where the price for the watch is the same as in Apples own retail stores, but you can accumulate a massive amount of Kohl’s cash, or reward certificates that have to be redeemed during a certain week.

Apple introduced the watch in Target and Best Buy stores before last holiday season, and Appleinsider reports that the wearable gadget started to appear in some Macy’s stores in October.

What’s a little different about the device’s marketing at Kohl’s, according to Fortune, is that the company plans to sell the watches in the activewear and fitness section, not the electronics section.

This could be a very deliberate strategy to position the watch as a health device… or because Kohl’s stores don’t really sell electronics like TVs, smartphones, and computers, making a display near the yoga pants as logical a place to put the watches as anywhere else in the store.

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