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Snap Spectacles

Snapchat Totally Ready To Start Supporting Wearable Spectacles It Doesn’t Sell Yet

Many months ago, we learned that Snapchat was probably working on some kind of wearable devices. Now, we know what it’s called — and have proof that it should be available to buy much sooner rather than later. [More]


Kohl’s Will Start Selling Apple Watches, Market Them As Fitness Products

Just over a year ago, Apple expanded sales of its Watch to Best Buy and to Target, seeking new markets for its wrist computer. Now the company is expanding availability to department stores, so far reaching Macy’s and Kohl’s this fall. [More]

Early Adopter: Using Google Glass Is A Literal Headache

Early Adopter: Using Google Glass Is A Literal Headache

When Google first opened up the possibility of using its Glass face computers, nerds all over the world were excited about the opportunity. They signed up for the Glass Explorers program, which required them to pay $1,500 and not let anyone else even borrow the device. Almost a year later, many of those early adopters are tired of talking to their face computers. [More]