After Third Death Linked To Toppling Dressers, IKEA Expands “Repair Program”

Last July, following the deaths of two children crushed by falling IKEA dressers, the retailer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a “repair program” that involved little more than sending out wall anchors to affected customers. Now, in the wake of a third death, IKEA is expanding that program. [More]

Lawsuit Accuses Kohl’s Of Advertising ‘False’ Original Prices

Lawsuit Accuses Kohl’s Of Advertising ‘False’ Original Prices

Is it fair to consumers when a retailer sells their own private-label products at a “discount” from the prices that they set in the first place? Two Kohl’s shoppers in California say that it isn’t, and they’ve filed a federal class action suit alleging that discount department store Kohl’s does exactly that. [More]


Where Does The Negotiation Start When You Tip?

When you dine out and have to calculate a tip, where do you start your calculations? Everyone has a different method, but in this country most people start their mental calculations at 15% and then increase or decrease from there. Yet we’ve spotted another restaurant encouraging customers to start their calculations at 18%. [More]

Fun with anchoring.

TGI Friday’s Has A Very High Opinion Of Their Waitstaff

Mike has no complaints about his recent visit to TGI Friday’s. Really, he doesn’t. The only thing that prompted him to write to Consumerist was one little blurb at the bottom of his receipt, which provided handy recommended tips. That’s very useful. If the standard gratuity in the United States is supposed to be 15%, though, why does this scale start at 18%? [More]