Target Keeps Building Tiny Stores, Tries To Succeed Where Walmart Failed

For the first half of this decade, Walmart experimented with mini-stores: tiny Walmarts that fanned out across the country, serving markets too small to support a full-size store. The experiment ultimately failed, and Walmart closed all of its Express stores at the beginning of 2016. Target, however, wants to take over the business of building tiny big boxes, planning to build at least 25 more through 2017. [More]


Best Buy Closing 160 Samsung Mini-Stores, Expanding 250 Others

In recent years, Best Buy has taken to carving up some of its stores’ square footage and turning those areas into stores-within-a-store, including a slew of Samsung Experience Shops. Three years into the project, it seems the retailer is changing a few things up. [More]

No More “TargetExpress” Or “CityTarget,” Just Small Target Stores

No More “TargetExpress” Or “CityTarget,” Just Small Target Stores

Between TargetExpress and CityTarget, the country’s No. 2 big box retailer appears to have the mini urban store market down. But when you operate three similarly named stores, there’s bound to be a bit of confusion, right? Apparently that’s the case for Target, which now plans to rebrand its smaller-format stores to, you guessed it: Target. [More]


Best Buy Will Be First Non-Apple Store To Sell Apple Watch

You’ve probably heard of the Apple Watch if you’ve been conscious during the last ten months or so. While the device only became available in Apple’s own retail stores in June, yesterday Best Buy announced that the Apple Watch will be available in a few hundred of its stores later this year. [More]

Best Buy Continues Transformation Into Gadget Food Court With Mini Sony Stores

Best Buy Continues Transformation Into Gadget Food Court With Mini Sony Stores

Best Buy wants to stage a comeback, coaxing customers back into its stores with price-matching and promises of top-notch service. Maybe the most appealing idea that the chain has had is to transform itself into an electronics food court, featuring mini-stores from individual manufacturers. Last year, this plan started with Samsung and Microsoft, and next up are mini home theater stores from Sony. [More]

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Samsung Mini-Stores Coming To A Best Buy Near You

One day after Best Buy announced it was pulling the plug on its Geek Squad experiment with Target, comes news that the electronics retailer is partnering with another big brand. [More]