Best Buy Will Be First Non-Apple Store To Sell Apple Watch

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Get your Apple Watch here soon. Maybe. (frankieleon)

Get your Apple Watch here soon. Maybe. (frankieleon)

You’ve probably heard of the Apple Watch if you’ve been conscious during the last ten months or so. While the device only became available in Apple’s own retail stores in June, yesterday Best Buy announced that the Apple Watch will be available in a few hundred of its stores later this year.

The watches will hit 100 stores at the beginning of August, then gradually roll out to 300 more by the end of the year… or, as it’s better known to retailers, the holiday season.

We’re not sure that Best Buy, even the nicest Best Buy stores, fits with the fine jewelry store feel that Apple seemed to be aiming for with their early marketing of the watch. They’ll only be carrying the lower-end watches, though, and not the $10,000 glorious golden versions that you can order online or in Apple’s own watch boutiques.

It says a lot for the current management of Best Buy that we receive and publish a lot fewer complaints about them than we used to, so we can’t even take this opportunity to make fun of the new partnership. Yet a small Apple Watch store in a relative few Best Buy outlets also makes sense: Instead of one giant electronics emporium, Best Buy stores are now becoming more like electronics malls with branded mini-stores for brands that they carry.

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