McDonald’s Brings Back Mighty Wings In Atlanta: Wait, What?



You might remember Mighty Wings. Back in 2013, McDonald’s tested the breaded and fried wings after months of testing, and they failed, leaving the chain with 10 million pounds of leftover wings in a freezer vault. The original $1 per wing price point just didn’t appeal to people, especially when they could get wings cheaper in sports bars and the chain still had a dollar menu. The wings are back, though, for a limited time in Atlanta.

Don’t call it a test, since it’s unlikely that the wings will come back nationwide. We contacted McDonald’s to confirm the news, and they told us that “the juicy, bone-in chicken wings are in a bold, spicy breading and available until mid-June.”

On Twitter, people in Atlanta are rather confused about this.

Atlanta was one of the early test markets for Mighty Wings back in 2012, and apparently the product was successful enough there to revive it four years later.

Elsewhere on the limited-time menu, some McDonald’s restaurants in the San Jose area are offering garlic fries meant to coincide with the famous garlic festival in Gilroy, CA. The fries have chopped locally grown garlic as a topping, and are apparently “not bad.”

(via TheStreet)