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McDonald’s Brings Back Mighty Wings In Atlanta: Wait, What?

You might remember Mighty Wings. Back in 2013, McDonald’s tested the breaded and fried wings after months of testing, and they failed, leaving the chain with 10 million pounds of leftover wings in a freezer vault. The original $1 per wing price point just didn’t appeal to people, especially when they could get wings cheaper in sports bars and the chain still had a dollar menu. The wings are back, though, for a limited time in Atlanta. [More]

They're baaaaack...

McDonald’s Hopes Cheaper Mighty Wings Will Sell Better This Time Around

Despite much fanfare and ballyhoo over McDonald’s attempt to woo wing lovers last fall with its Mighty Wings, the almost $1-per-wing price instead led to many customers shunning the fast food chain’s effort. The result of that tepid response was $10 million in frozen, unsold Mighty Wings, an outcome Mickey D’s is hoping to avoid this time around with lower prices. [More]

McDonald’s Admits That Its Menu Is Overcomplicated

McDonald’s Admits That Its Menu Is Overcomplicated

In recent years, McDonald’s has been constantly tinkering with its menu, adding numerous limited time offers [LTOs] like the ill-advised and overly expensive Mighty Wings, and changing its Dollar Menu to the confusingly named “Dollar Menu & More.” In doing so, it’s angered franchisees, and alienated some customers who took their fast food money elsewhere. Yesterday, the company finally admitted that McD’s menu has gotten too McComplicated. [More]

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McDonald’s Has 10 Million Pounds Of Frozen Unsold Mighty Wings

Mighty Wings, McDonalds’ attempt at fast-food wingage, didn’t go over well with consumers. Maybe it was the pricing, well above sports bars and other wing outlets at about $1 per wing, in a restaurant that offers actual burgers for a dollar. The product didn’t take flight, and now McDonald’s is stuck with 10 million pounds of wings. [More]

McDonald’s Franchisees Having Trouble Competing With Sports Bars For Wing Market

McDonald’s Franchisees Having Trouble Competing With Sports Bars For Wing Market

McDonald’s is spending all sorts of money, hiring celebrity endorsers like Russel Wilson and Colin Kaepernick (and erecting poo-like sculptures) to market the fast food giant’s Mighty Wings. But some franchisees say they just can’t compete on price with less expensive wings available at your local sports bar. [More]


This Ad For McDonald’s Mighty Wings Looks Like Something You’d Scoop Out Of Kitty Litter

Even though you can get chicken wings from any family restaurant or sports bar (or buy them at the supermarket at make some yourself), McDonald’s sure has invested a lot of money into advertising and marketing its Mighty Wings. But whoever thought that this sculptural representation of the fast food product looked at all appetizing should really consider a new line of work. [More]


Are McDonald’s Mighty Wings To Blame For Higher Chicken Prices?

Even though you can get chicken wings at any number of restaurants and bars across this great nation — and they are incredibly easy to cook at home — some people are still excited by the notion that they’ll be able to get “Mighty” wings from McDonald’s starting next week. But are these wings going to cause the price of chicken to soar? [More]

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McDonald’s Confirms It Wasn’t Just Messing With Us: “Mighty Wings” Debuting Nationwide Sept. 9

If there’s one news trend we will follow from its first whispered breaths of life, it’s fast food rumors. Because talking about what could be is way more fun than actually eating what’s on the menu, right? To wit: McDonald’s oft-buzzed about Mighty Wings? We’ve been on the case since January, and now they’re really gonna be a thing, it seems. [More]


Either McDonald’s Is Just Messing With Us Or The Company Is Expanding Tests Of “Mighty Wings”

If you’ve ever walked into a McDonald’s and stared at all those chicken McNuggets and McChickens and Chicken McBites and bemoaned the lack of just like, the option to get maybe eight or 16 chicken wings, you’re maybe about to do a happy dance. But the fast food joint is reportedly testing an item called Mighty Wings. Why not just call them McWings? [More]