Either McDonald’s Is Just Messing With Us Or The Company Is Expanding Tests Of “Mighty Wings”

If you’ve ever walked into a McDonald’s and stared at all those chicken McNuggets and McChickens and Chicken McBites and bemoaned the lack of just like, the option to get maybe eight or 16 chicken wings, you’re maybe about to do a happy dance. But the fast food joint is reportedly testing an item called Mighty Wings. Why not just call them McWings?

According to the all-seeing eye of the Associated Press, the chain tested the McWings in Atlanta last year where they did well, so now it’s set to bring the wing madness to Chicago. Wing portions aren’t perhaps how you’d traditionally get them, as they’re being sold in three, five or 10 pieces. The price starts at $3, but it’s unclear if it stays at $1 per wing for the other servings.

A spokeswoman has even given the official “yup, that’s happening” to Chicago’s testing of the item at 500 restaurants this week but failed to mention when or if any other cities would be McWinging it. I mean, Mighty Winging it. Sorry.

We heard whisperings of these tests in July so it could be a positive sign if the wings are McMarching into the Midwest now.

Sauces? You want new sauces? Sorry. They’re just wings and the default dipping sauce will be creamy ranch. A side of celery and carrots? Who knows, so you might have to bring your own.

Chicagoans! Let us know how you like these Mighty Wings, if you’ve seen them in their McDonald’s habitat and if the resulting purchase was pleasing to your pallets, via tips@consumerist.com. Or if you encountered them already in Atlanta, feel free to weigh in with your memories as well.

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