McDonald’s Serving Bacon Cheese Fries At Some Restaurants

McDonald’s customers in the San Francisco area may be able to score actual garlic fries, but fast food fans in four other states are getting a sneak preview of McDonald’s answer to Wendy’s Baconator fries. 

Brand Eating reports that select McDonald’s restaurants in four states in the Eastern U.S. are now offering customers the cheesy option of the Loaded Bacon & Cheese Basket of Fries.

The shareable menu item is meant to serve two people, and features the Golden Arches’ salty fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce and crumbled applewood-smoked bacon, you know, the same meat you’d get on breakfast sandwiches or new signature burgers.

The Loaded Bacon & Cheese Basket of Fries, which sell for $3.99, have so far been spotted in the greater Pittsburgh area, central West Virginia, southeast Ohio, and eastern Kentucky.

It’s unclear if the menu item is being tested for possible expansion or the brain-child of a group of franchisees. We’ve reached out to McDonald’s for additional information on the availability and future of the new fries. We’ll update this post when we hear back.

For now, however, it seems as if the Bacon & Cheese Basket of Fries are garnering mixed reviews from customers on Twitter, including one photo that looks, of course, little like McDonald’s promotion poster:

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