McDonald’s Franchisees Vote In All-Day Breakfast, Will Start October 6

After months of speculation, testing, and fretting over egg shortages, the day is finally here: McDonald’s franchisees have cast their votes, and all-day breakfast is going nationwide. Maybe they’ll use up those margarine stashes more quickly than anticipated. The menu varies slightly according to whether the restaurant is in a “biscuit market” or a standard breakfast market, but the important part is that it’s breakfast. All day.

“This is the consumers’ idea. This is what they want us to do,” the president of McDonald’s USA told the Wall Street Journal, forgetting that not everything that consumers want is necessarily good for us. Franchisees actually led the charge for the menu change, which is a brilliant plan since it makes more items available without adding any different ingredients or equipment to the restaurant. No wonder franchisees, who have complained that the McDonald’s menu is too expansive, think it’s a great idea.

All-day breakfast has been successful in test markets, and is a much-anticipated change. It’s also the biggest change to the menu since the McCafé concept came out six years ago.

McDonald’s is on its social media game today, searching way back in Twitter and answering people who posted about all-day breakfast in the past. Whether it was to praise a test market or whine about how McMuffins disappear at 10:30, the McDonald’s social media team wanted to share the good news. The notes are posted so that everyone who follows McDonald’s can see them, and they include really excellent animated GIFs.

They found tweets dating back to 2007.

Not that responding to more recent ones wasn’t cool too.

Of course, it’s smart to engage with celebrities when launching a big social media campaign, and celebrities tweet about fast-food breakfast too:

And TV shows.

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