McDonald’s Customers Complaining Because Mozzarella Sticks Should Contain Cheese

You can say cheese, but it might not be in there, some customers are reporting.

You can say cheese, but it might not be in there, some customers are reporting.

UPDATE: McDonald’s has apologized for offering fried air.

Though you might be enticed by the idea of a fried, breaded shell with nothing but space in the middle, McDonald’s customers are coming out against the fast food chain for an egregious lack of cheese in the chain’s new mozzarella sticks. Because without the mozzarella, it’s just a sad, hollow stick that once possibly contained cheese.

McDonald’s recently announced that it would be adding mozzarella sticks to menus nationwide in 2016, as part of its McPick $2 menu. They’re also available on their own at a price of $1 for three sticks.

Customers who were, understandably, expecting cheese to be a part of the menu item have been airing their grievances on Twitter with photos showing orders of mozzarella sticks without that one very important ingredient (h/t Business Insider).

They’re ticked because no one wants to pay for fried air, at least not when you’re expecting ooey, gooey, fried cheese.

Just a few examples:

So far, it seems McDonald’s is going with the boilerplate Twitter response of, “sorry you were disappointed, give us some more information,” but if this is a wide-ranging issue, it could be related to how the sticks are made.

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s regarding the cooking procedures for mozzarella sticks, and what customers should do if they find their sticks are cheeseless. We’ll update this post if we hear back.

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