Breakfast Cereals In Girl Scout Cookie Flavors Are Now A Thing

The Girl Scout Cookie marketing train runs year-round, even if the cookies themselves are only available for a limited period every year. The Scouts have been licensing their brand names and flavors for a while now, resulting in derivative products like licensed toy cookie ovens, lip balm, and licensed ice cream bars. Now they’ll be available as a licensed breakfast cereal from General Mills.

Cookies for breakfast in the form of cereal certainly aren’t new, but the Girl Scouts branding is. The cereal will come in what are arguably the two best Girl Scout cookie flavors, Thin Mints and a compromise between Caramel DeLites and Samoas called Caramel Crunch. According the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, those are the two top-selling flavors.

The cereals will hit shelves in January 2017, during the run-up to next year’s cookie season. The product will be a limited-time one, so you’ll need to stock up if you need chocolate mint cereal in your life indefinitely.

Of course, Girl Scout cookies are really available year-round if you know where to find the cheaper Keebler knockoff versions.

General Mills to make Girl Scouts cookie cereals in 2017 [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

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