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Panera’s Cups Will Now Tell You How Much Sugar Is In That Fountain Drink

Panera Bread’s health crusade continues apace this week: After launching a new “clean” beverage line and posting calorie and added sugars information for its drinks in its stores, Panera will be rolling out new cups that list nutritional information for every beverage it sells. [More]


Filling Your Stocking With Chocolate May Be Cheaper This Year

If it’s not visions of sugar plums you see dancing in your head at Christmas, but images of chocolate Santa Clauses and reindeer, you’re in luck: cocoa prices are falling, which means chocolate is getting cheaper. [More]

Dr. Pepper Snapple Spending $1.7B On Flavored Water

Dr. Pepper Snapple Spending $1.7B On Flavored Water

As consumers turn toward beverages that aren’t soda, the major players in the business have been taking note, and trying to keep up. Like Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, which just went shopping for new drinks and ended up spending $1.7 billion to buy itself a flavored water company. [More]

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Dad Hands Out Candy On Flight So Daughter Won’t Miss Trick-Or-Treating

Imagine telling your child they won’t be able to go trick-or-treating. Not a fun image, right? One dad managed to turn a potentially unfortunate situation into a super sweet one, when he made sure his daughter didn’t miss out on Halloween’s biggest tradition just because she was stuck on a plane. [More]

Starbucks Will Start Offering Stevia Product Along With Other Sweeteners

Starbucks Will Start Offering Stevia Product Along With Other Sweeteners

Starbucks customers will now have another option to add a little something sweet to their beverages, as the chain announced today it’s adding a calorie-free stevia product to its lineup of sweeteners for the first time. [More]

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Police Buy Hundreds Of Boxes Of Cookies After Some Jerk Berates Girl Scouts

Whenever Girl Scout cookie season rolls around, we inevitably hear stories of grown adults behaving horribly toward these young entrepreneurs, and this year is no different. But at least in this case, there’s a bit of a happy ending after two sisters were cursed out by an angry homeowner while they were going door to door drumming up business. [More]


3 Maple Syrup Facts Every Breakfast Fan Should Know

The griddle is hot, the batter is tasty and you’re cozy in the kitchen, whipping up a delicious batch of pancakes. But before you cover those fluffy circles of breakfast delight with maple syrup, there are a few things you should learn, as an informed breakfast consumer. [More]

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L.A. Candy Store Attempting World Record For Largest Peanut Butter Cup

There are some jobs out there that make the rest of us wonder why we didn’t study something else in school, and being involved in creating huge works of delicious, record-breaking candy is one of them. A Los Angeles candy store is trying to nab the world record for largest peanut butter cup, in what I can only imagine is a delicious endeavor. [More]

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This Year’s Special Arizona Diamondbacks Hot Dog Is A Churro Wrapped In A Doughnut

Last year, the Arizona Diamondbacks introduced the world to the D-Bat Dog, a $25, 18-inch corn dog stuffed with cheese and bacon. This year the baseball team has decided to go a more sugary route, introducing the Churro Dog, which is essentially, a churro wrapped in a doughnut. [More]


USDA Introduces New Maple Syrup Grading System To Clear Up Consumer Confusion

If you think people don’t take maple syrup seriously, clearly you have never been to Vermont. While that state already switched up its grading system for the sweet stuff, the rest of the country is set to change as well with new categories introduced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture this week. [More]

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Should Food Companies Tell Consumers How Much Sugar They Add To Products?

Looking at the label of any food product on grocery store shelves and you’ll find the total amount of sugar in that item. But does it matter how much of that sugar is from a food’s raw ingredients, and how much sweetener was added? [More]

FDA’s New Rules: Honey With Added Sweeteners Might Be Sweet, But It Ain’t Honey

FDA’s New Rules: Honey With Added Sweeteners Might Be Sweet, But It Ain’t Honey

Just because something looks like honey, is sticky like honey and is sweet like honey, doesn’t mean it’s the real thing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said today in new draft guidelines. That means food companies that add sweeteners to pure honey will have to tell consumers it’s not the totally real deal and label the products as a “blend.” [More]

What’s In A Name? Vermont’s New Maple Syrup Grading System Has Some Confused

What’s In A Name? Vermont’s New Maple Syrup Grading System Has Some Confused

Gone are the days of different grades of maple syrup, at least in Vermont, where the sticky shadow of Canada’s industry makes people take maple syrup very seriously. The state has switched up the grading system for syrup, removing “Grade B” altogether and confusing some customers in the process. [More]

Whoever Stole $120K Worth Of Chocolate Is Probably Planning One Heck Of A S’mores Party

Whoever Stole $120K Worth Of Chocolate Is Probably Planning One Heck Of A S’mores Party

I’m not saying I’m the sort who consorts with criminals but if whoever stole $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate from a truck is heading off into the woods to have a big bonfire and s’mores party, well, I’m jealous. But the crime part, that’s bad. [More]


Does The Shape Of Chocolate Change How It Tastes?

If there’s one thing that’s important about chocolate — and there are many — it’s how it tastes. Smooth, velvety, dark or milk chocolatey, all of these factors matter to the refined choco-consumer. But what about its shape? Cadbury aficionados across the pond say once the bars of Dairy Milk changed shape, the taste went out the window. [More]

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5 Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Krispy Kreme Doughnut

Either you or someone you know has once upon a time, I’m willing to bet, said something along the lines of “I’m really trying to watch my sugar intake this week.” If that’s the route you want to go, more power to ya, healthy high fives and all of that. But you should know, there are more sugary things than a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut, and they will not aid you in your sugar showdown, should you choose to consume them. [More]


Dry Farming Challenges Everything Your Science Teacher Told You, But It Actually Works

At some point in grade school, students learn all about photosynthesis and how to make things grow. We poked around with beans, waited until they germinated, then planted them in soil, set’em in the sun and watered them daily so they’d turn into happy, fruitful bean plants. But despite the ingrained importance of water in successful gardening, some farmers in California are not only embracing dry weather, they’re forgoing watering on purpose to achieve sweeter results. [More]

Coke: No Link Between Sugary Drinks & Obesity

Coke: No Link Between Sugary Drinks & Obesity

While there is little doubt that the obesity rate in the U.S. has risen in recent decades, there is a lot of finger-pointing and “not me”-ing when it comes to placing blame. And with NYC Mayor Michael “I’ll just have water” Bloomberg trying to put the smackdown on high-calorie sodas, Coca-Cola is letting it be known it won’t fold without a fight. [More]