Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Granola Bars Coming From Quaker

Thin Mints 8ct finalAs a staff consisting mostly of retired Girl Scouts, we’re big supporters of their seasonal cookie-slinging sales force every year. Yet the Girl Scout Cookie empire has been expanding, and you can find the most distinctive and famous flavors on the shelves of different sections of your favorite stores, in departments ranging from the ice cream aisle to the toy aisle to the cosmetics aisle. News of granola bars almost deserves a big yawn.

The flavors will be Thin Mints (of course) and Caramel Coconut, and will be about 100 calories per bar. That’s an improvement over the standard cookie, at least, because a granola bar lasts for several bites, and it would be harder to eat an entire box in one sitting. Not that I’ve ever done that with Thin Mints. Nope.

Quaker says that the bars will hit stores later this month, and they’ll be available from Target and other store that usually sell granola bars. We aren’t really sure how well mint and oats go together, but assume that it is not terrible. Update: One of our staffers lives in what was apparently a test market for the granola bars, and purchased them on her own. She reports that they “taste like regular Quaker Chocolate Chip granola bars except slightly mintier,” and that they were tasty enough to buy again when the Quaker brand bars were on sale and cheaper than the store brand version.

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