Man Stuffs Box Of Raspberry Cookies Down His Pants, Heads To Grocery Checkout

What is the impulse that leads people to say, “I would like to steal this item from this store, and I’m going to do it by stuffing it down my pants”? Why does it always happen with food? All we know is that it has happened again, this time with a grocery shopper caught with raspberry cookies down his pants.

Theft by pants is more common than you might think, with perpetrators cramming everything from live puppies to beef tongue to firearms to seafood to antiques down there.

The cookies cost $3.49, and the suspect concealed them down his pants before heading to the checkout to make a purchase. Maybe he thought that actually buying something would provide a distraction, but it didn’t: the clerk spotted him stashing the cookies in his pants.

The police showed up to arrest him, and he will be charged with a felony. It turns out that he’s been arrested six times before for retail theft, and has been convicted four times.

Police: Shoplifting suspect had raspberry cookies in pants [AP]

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