Man Caught On Camera Stuffing Antique Brass Statues Down His Pants

statueguyHere at Consumerist, we aim to bring you the freshest coverage of people stuffing store merchandise down their pants to steal it. While for some reason the most common item that ends up down shoppers’ trousers is packages of meat, other items ranging from a chainsaw to puppies using this method, police are looking for a man who was caught on camera stuffing two brass statues down his pants at an antique store.

The small statues are more valuable than lobster or steak: the antiques store owner says that they’re worth about $350 each. Until about three years ago, the store didn’t have cameras installed, but the owner says that a series of thefts led her to acquire some.

The man was able to evade notice while concealing the statues and to leave the store without anyone spotting him, but the owner and police in Riverside, California hope that releasing the footage will help them to identify and arrest the statue-stuffer.

Caught On Tape: Shoplifter Steals Antique Bronze Sculptures By Stuffing Them Down Pants [KCAL]

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