“Boy” Costume For Female Star Wars Character Was Supposed To Be Unisex, Says Manufacturer

(Left: Courtesy of BleedingCool.com; Right: DisneyStore.com)

(Left: Courtesy of BleedingCool.com; Right: DisneyStore.com)

You might be aware of this, but Disney has a new Star Wars flick coming out soon. As such, there’s been a flood of products tied to The Force Awakens — everything from toys to costumes, droid dolls to pajama sets. One of those costumes is for the Captain Phasma character, a new villain played by Gwendoline Christie (aka Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones) — a character that girls and boys alike might want to dress up as for Halloween (or for a regular Tuesday). So how come it’s being sold with a “BOY” label on it in a store?

The children’s version of the costume sold online in the Disney store is marketed simply as for “kids.” But a reader of the blog BleedingCool.com noticed it was a different story in a local Disney store in the U.S., sending in a photo of the costume with a “BOY” label next to the size.

What gives? We reached out to Disney to find out why there was a boy version, if there was a “GIRL” package label as well, and why it’s a unisex product online but not on Disney’s store shelves.

We were put in touch with a representative from Rubie’s Costume Company, the company that made the costume in question. The rep explained that “boys” and “girls” packaging was used for the Captain Phasma costume initially, but the company later decided to stick with unisex packaging, “insuring that the message conveyed that it could be worn and enjoyed by both boys and girls and the adult costume by men and women.”

“However, a small amount of product inadvertently surfaced in the market place with the ‘BOYS’ package, and for this we sincerely apologize,” the rep says, adding that all current production is clearly labeled as a unisex costume, in both kids and adult sizes.

Though BleedingCool.com tells us the photo was snapped at a Disney store, both Rubie’s and Disney told Consumerist that the costume was not available at Disney Stores. We’re attempting to clarify the origins of the photo to clear up any confusion.

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