Man Arrested After Police Say He Stuffed An AK-47 Down His Pants


These are toy guns, which also should not be stuffed down your pants. (Sean)

The AK-47 is many things, but it is definitely not a small and discreet weapon. That’s why it’s not surprising that a man in Florida was arrested after trying to shove one of the assault rifles down his pants in a pawn shop, evidently thinking that this was something he would be able to get away with.

Unfortunately for all of us, the surveillance footage of this incident that allegedly exists hasn’t been released, but the store owner says that he spotted the 19-year-old walking strangely, then confronted him and took the rifle back. Police caught up with the suspect later, and he did confess to attempting to steal the rifle.

A judge set his bond very high: it turns out that the man was already out on bond for a domestic violence arrest and had an injunction from a different state not to go anywhere near guns. That makes this case significantly less hilarious. Maybe even not hilarious at all.

“It’s one thing to try to steal a firearm,” the prosecutor said in court. “It’s another thing trying to steal an AK47 and potentially trying to put a stolen firearm out on the street.” Exactly: being legally permitted to buy the weapon and purchasing it using actual money are one thing, but the poor judgement needed to steal a weapon when not legally permitted to have one…that could lead to some serious trouble.

Man stuffed AK-47 rifle down his pants at Davie pawn shop, police say [Sun-Sentinel]

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