New Products: Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Bars, Taco Bell Sauce Packet Chips

This week, we learned about two exciting products from different food outlets. One is being test-marketed, and the other is in grocery and big-box stores across the land. What they have in common is taking a familiar and beloved product and translating it into a different but perfectly logical format. Those products? Girl Scout Thin Mints ice cream bars, and Taco Bell hot sauce tortilla chips.


Doritos themselves were invented out of the waste products of a Mexican(ish) restaurant at Disneyland, so it’s not surprising that Taco Bell might try to sell its own chips. These are based on the three levels of hot sauce flavors available at Taco Bell. The tipster who reported their existence to Brand Eating described them as “like Doritos covered in Taco Bell sauce.” I’m not sure what else anyone would have expected, but that sounds nice if you happen to like Taco Bell sauce. The 2-ounce bags are taller and narrower than a normal snack-size chip bag, shaped more like hot sauce packets.


When it’s time for dessert, take a trip over to Target or Shop-Rite, the two stores that we know for sure carry Good Humor’s Thin Mint bars. The idea makes delicious sense: chocolate and mint are perfect together, and other brands have made their own ice cream flavors containing shredded Girl Scout cookies.

A package will set you back less than a box of Girl Scout cookies will, too: a 6-pack costs $3.50 at Shop-Rite.

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