S’mores Candy Corn And Pumpkin Spice Peeps Are Now Things In Real Life

smorecornHappy fall! Well, okay, it’s not fall outside, but fall has certainly arrived in the seasonal aisles of stores all over the country. August is when restaurants and food companies introduce their new products. While we are always interested in new seasonal candies and anything pumpkin spice, even we weren’t expecting these new products: S’mores candy corn and Pumpkin Spice Peeps.

Actually, the candy corn may be running a little late. Aren’t s’mores more of a summer thing, consumed around campfires? I’m probably over-thinking flavored candy corn. Reader Dee sent along this picture of what is obviously out-of-date candy.


Meanwhile, yes, Peeps. The marshmallow chicks, which normally come in the shape of ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween. The seasonal flavored versions are chick-shaped for some reason that hasn’t been sufficiently explained, and are marshmallows with the relevant flavor coating, dipped in fudge. While pumpkin spice is scary enough, there are also caramel apple flavor and candy corn flavor versions.

They’ll be a Target exclusive item, but you can also order them directly online if that’s a thing that you want to do for some reason.

While they look tasty, why don’t companies bring this all full circle? How about Peeps-flavored candy corn? How about candy corn flavored to taste like caramel apple Peeps? There are so many possibilities.


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