Walmart, Target, And CVS Do Not Want Your Credit Card Number To Ship You Free Stuff

parcelclaimThere’s a new but not all that innovative scam hitting mailboxes in this country and in the United Kingdom. Experienced scam-spotters will see the problem right away, but not everyone is an experienced scam-spotter. Here’s how it works: a postcard arrives in the mail that says there’s a package waiting for you form a popular chain retailer. You just need to call in with your credit card number to claim it.

The contents of the package, you see, are worth $50, but you only need to pay $12 with your credit card to claim the prize. The man who contacted CBS Dallas-Fort Worth about the scheme received a postcard that says that his reward is a necklace. He assumed that something was up here, and contacted the TV station.

The postcard itself imitates postal forms, and looks sort of official. However, what about that claim, that Walmart, Target, or CVS have teamed up to give rewards to their loyal customers? The retailers don’t know anything about it.

The operation has a call center where representatives are happy to take your credit card number. However, the supposed company doesn’t give out a valid e-mail address, and all three retailers claim that they have no relationship to the company.

Be wary of prizes that come in the mail, especially if they’re unsolicited and you have to pay to enter.

I-Team Has Walmart, CVS And Target Looking For Answers [CBS DFW]

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