Panera Also Serves Up Real Pumpkin In Its Lattes, Keeps Fructose-Laden Soft Drinks

Yesterday, the news broke from Starbucks’ global flavored-espresso-beverage headquarters that the coffee chain would be changing its recipe for the classic pumpkin spice latte, and the world was filled with joy or something. But bakery-cafe Panera was feeling left out: they’ve offered a pumpkin spice latte for almost as long as Starbucks, and their version has always included a small amount of real pumpkin.

One thing that Panera is changing about the latte this year is removing one of the preservatives from the pumpkin spice sauce that they use, mirroring Starbucks’ effort to remove caramel coloring from the beverages that it serves. Panera has made a big fuss out of removing artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from its food items to make their food more “clean,” which is confusing terminology since it implies that the regular version is “dirty.” Extra preservatives may not be necessary, but they’re not filth, either.

Panera is using the same terminology for the rest of their menu, and lately has pushed their selection of “cleaner” drinks to reporters as well as their customers. While expanding their offerings of cold-pressed juices, iced teas without additives, and less-sweetened bottled sodas, they still keep a standard soda fountain alongside tanks of their own sweetened and unsweetened iced teas. Chipotle is also guilty of this, bragging about their GMO-free food menu while keeping the high fructose corn syrup tanks flowing.

Panera promises a ‘clean’ pumpkin spice latte for this fall [Fortune]

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