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Easter Sundae M&Ms Feature Chocolate And Mysterious White Substance

Here at Consumerist, we love and love to hate novelty flavors of classic candies and cookies, like root beer float cookies or pumpkin spice latte M&Ms. The snack wizards over at M&M HQ now have to crank out multiple holiday flavors of their candy-coated chocolate treats every season, because different retailers want their own custom flavors. This year and this spring, they’re making “Easter Sundae” flavor for Walmart, which unfortunately isn’t much of a flavor. [More]

(The Impulsive Buy)

Café Mocha Is Apparently Now The Flavor Of Winter And Christmas, Thanks To M&Ms

If pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice latte, and caramel apple are the flavors of fall, red velvet is the flavor of Valentine’s Day, and key lime pie and s’mores are the flavor of summer, what is the flavor of winter? Is there one? M&Ms have traditionally sold bags of cherry or mint flavored candies near Christmas, but now they’ve moved on to hot beverages. The flavor for Christmas is… café mocha. [More]