Not Convinced The Robot Uprising Is Inevitable? Watch This Charger Prototype For Tesla Cars Find Its Target

You know, we’re a little surprised by you, Elon Musk. As a guy who’s said we’re right to be worried about artificial intelligence enslaving the human race, Terminator style, you’d think you wouldn’t go ahead and invent a robot charger that can find its own way to a nearby Tesla and plug in. What’s the next target, our brains?!?

Robot revolution jokes* aside, Musk’s company unveiled a new prototype of a charger for Tesla vehicles on Twitter today, a device that can hook up with its intended target all by itself, like a creepy, eyeless, metal snake.

Tesla hasn’t yet released details of when or if it will be available to customers, or how, exactly, it works.

Can you feel it? The goosebumps lifting the hair off your head and the shivers running down your spine? It’s happening.

To be fair, Musk did donate $10 million in January to help keep AI on the side of humanity, instead of letting it run amok and use us as living batteries.

*They aren’t really jokes, I’m so scared.

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