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Netflix Will Finally Let Users Download Some Content For Offline Viewing

Netflix Will Finally Let Users Download Some Content For Offline Viewing

It’s been whispered and buzzed about for a long time now, but it’s happening at last: Netflix says it will allow users to download select TV shows and movies to their mobile devices so they can watch them even when they’re not online. [More]

Jon Fingas

Sony Confirms It Will Sell A More Powerful PlayStation 4, Codenamed “Neo”

If you’ve been waiting breathlessly for a new, more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, take a breath, already: it’s coming, but it won’t be arriving quite as soon as some rumors predicted. [More]


Not Convinced The Robot Uprising Is Inevitable? Watch This Charger Prototype For Tesla Cars Find Its Target

You know, we’re a little surprised by you, Elon Musk. As a guy who’s said we’re right to be worried about artificial intelligence enslaving the human race, Terminator style, you’d think you wouldn’t go ahead and invent a robot charger that can find its own way to a nearby Tesla and plug in. What’s the next target, our brains?!? [More]